Radiator Aixam 1997-2013

• Includes radiator cap
• For the Aixam Vision models only suitable for the Kubota engine

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Product description

The radiator is an important part of any Aixam, Microcar, Ligier, Chatenet, JDM, Grecav, Casalini or Bellier moped car that cools the engine whenever it is desirable. If the engine of a moped car was not cooled, then major problems would arise. The engine would consume much more and the parts would all melt slowly. To prevent this, a radiator is built into the moped car that cools the engine while driving.

How does the radiator work?
The radiator of the moped car works together with the coolant. This fluid flows through tubes around the engine, allowing it to be cooled. In this process, the fluid itself becomes warm, but at the end of the path, this fluid flows into the radiator tubes. Because it is in the front under the hood, it catches the most wind and that is what cools the coolant. Once it has returned to the correct temperature, the liquid flows around the block again to cool the engine. The operation of the radiator is therefore of great importance. Without the radiator, the liquid is not cooled, which would create a dangerous situation. So replace the moped car radiator immediately as soon as you notice that the temperature of the coolant becomes too high to prevent you from breaking the moped car's engine.

What if the radiator cannot provide enough cooling?
The radiator cannot always provide enough cooling. When the car is stopped (in the file for example), there is no wind and that is exactly what the radiator depends on. At that moment the fan starts. This cools the block extra by blowing wind over the engine. This is only to supplement the function of the radiator. Driving without a radiator in the hope that the fan will cool enough is therefore impossible.

Model / Chassis number

  • Aixam Minauto Sensation (VLGUV53BF)
  • Aixam Minauto Cross (VLGUS52BF)
  • Aixam Minauto Cross (VLGUV52BF)
  • Aixam Crossover Vision (VLGSV45RF)
  • Aixam Coupe Vision (VLGSV41RF)
  • Aixam Coupe Vision (VLGSVA1RF)
  • Aixam City Vision (VLGSV43RF)
  • Aixam City Vision (VLGSVA3RF)
  • Aixam Crossline Vision (VLGSV42SF)
  • Aixam City 2010-2013 (VLGSV43AF)
  • Aixam Crossline 2010-2013 (VLGSV42AF)
  • Aixam GTO 2010-2013 (VLGSV43AF)
  • Aixam Crossover 2010-2013 (VLGSV45AF)
  • Aixam Coupe 2010-2013 (VLGSV41AF)
  • Aixam City 2008-2010 (VLGK34VBR)
  • Aixam Roadline 2008-2010 (VLGK44VBR)
  • Aixam Crossline 2008-2010 (VLGK24VBR)
  • Aixam City Sport 2008-2010 (VLGK34VBR)
  • Aixam Scouty 2008-2010 (VLGK04VBR)
  • Aixam City S 2008-2010 (VLGK34VBS)
  • Aixam 721 (VLGK34VBA)
  • Aixam 741 (VLGK44VBA)
  • Aixam Scouty 2005-2008 (VLGK04VBA)
  • Aixam Scouty R 2005-2008 (VLGK04VBA)
  • Aixam Crossline 2005-2008 (VLGK24VBA)
  • Aixam 400.4 (VLGE34VBA)
  • Aixam 400 (VLGC34VBO)
  • Aixam 400 Evolution (VLGC34VBA)
  • Aixam 500.4 (VLGE44VBA)
  • Aixam 500.4 Minivan (VLGE24VBA)
  • Aixam 500.4 Pick-Up (VLGE64VBA)
  • Aixam MINAUTO V1 (VLGSV43BF)
  • Aixam MINAUTO 2015 (VLGSV43CF)
  • Aixam MINAUTO Cross 2015 (VLGSV42CF)
  • Aixam D-Truck (VLGTV490FM)
  • Aixam D-Truck 2018 (VLGTV580F)
  • Aixam MEGA 2 400 (VLGN94VBA)
  • Aixam MEGA 2 600 (VLGP96VBA)
  • Aixam MEGA 1 400 (VLGH64VBA)
  • Aixam MEGA 1 400 (VLGH74VBA)
  • Aixam MEGA 1 400 (VLGH84VBA)
  • Aixam MEGA 1 400 (VLGH94VBA)
  • Aixam MEGA 1 500 (VLGJ75VBA)
  • Aixam MEGA 1 500 (VLGJ85VBA)
  • Aixam MEGA 1 500 (VLGJ95VBA)
  • Aixam MEGA 1 500 (VLGJA5VBA)
  • Aixam MEGA 1 500 (VLGJB5VBA)
  • Aixam MEGA 1 500 (VLGL65VBA)


Product specifications
Product number11.02
EAN code6097727594503
BrandAixam, Minauto
Product brandBonq
Product typeNot original
Cross reference1758072060
EngineKubota Z482, Kubota Z402