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  1. Front wiper blade Aixam / Ligier / Microcar (600 mm)
  2. Windshield wiper motor front Aixam Sensation / Emotion / Ambition
  3. Seal door window Aixam / Minauto
  4. Windshield wiper blade + rear arm Aixam Impulsion / Vision / Sensation / Emotion
  5. Window mechanism electric left Aixam Impulsion / Vision / Sensation
  6. Door window right Aixam Impulsion / Vision / Sensation / Emotion
  7. Windshield wiper fluid reservoir + Aixam pump
  8. Windshield washer pump Aixam
  9. Door window right Aixam Impulsion / Vision / Sensation / Emotion
  10. Windstop set Aixam Impulsion / Vision / Sensation
  11. Windstop set Aixam 2013-2020
  12. Rear wiper motor Aixam Sensation / Emotion / Ambition
  13. Rear window Aixam Sensation / Emotion Coupe
  14. Window sealant (290ml)
  15. Front wiper arm Aixam Sensation / Emotion / Ambition
  16. Windscreen wiper transit cup Aixam
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In and around the mopedcar are many windows and parts that ensure that the windows function properly. Think of a window mechanism that ensures that the door window goes up and down, but also the wiper and associated engine. The windows themselves provide good visibility around the mopedcar and a little safety. Windows can break due to stone chips, for example. Therefore, do not hesitate to replace your windscreen or rear window, this prevents worse.