Door seals

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  1. Seal door window Aixam 1997 - 2010
  2. Windshield rubber Aixam 1997-2004
  3. Window / door seal outside Chatenet CH26
  4. Window seal Microcar MGO / M8 / Ligier JSRC
  5. Seal door window Aixam 2010 - 2016
  6. Voorruitrubber Ligier
  7. Window seal Aixam 2010-2020
  8. Window seal Chatenet CH26
  9. Windscreen rubber JDM Aloes
  10. Windshield rubber Aixam 2005 / 2008
  11. Windscreen rubber Ligier IXO
  12. Windscreen seal Aixam MEGA 1 / MEGA 2
  13. Window guide rubber left Microcar and Ligier
  14. Roof rubber Microcar MC1 / MC2 (per meter)
  15. Windscreen rubber Grecav Sonique
  16. Windscreen rubber Ligier X-Too RS
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The window seals on a moped car can have 2 functions. For example, the windscreen seal ensures that the windscreen can be neatly mounted and that there is no leakage. The seal have a sealing effect with moving windows such as those from the rear or the doors. A broken seal can cause leakage. Therefore, do not hesitate to replace it. At Minicar-Parts you can buy seals of all brands such as Aixam, Microcar and Ligier.