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Lighting & Lamps

To ensure that the mopedcar is clearly visible, properly functioning lighting should not be missing. The lighting mainly consists of the headlamp and the taillight, but also the indicators and interior lighting. The loose lights of the lighting can break, but it is also possible that after a collision the entire unit must be replaced. At Minicar-Parts you can buy both original and imitation lamps from all brands such as Ligier, Microcar and Aixam.

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  1. Fog light front Aixam / Microcar / Ligier / Chatenet / JDM
  2. Cover headlight right Aixam
  3. Cover headlight left Aixam
  4. Fog lamp H11
  5. Headlight right Aixam 2013-2016
  6. Daytime running lights front right Aixam Sensation 2016
  7. Headlight black right Aixam 2013-2016 City / Coupe
  8. Headlight left Aixam 2013-2016
  9. Fog light front Aixam
  10. Headlight black left Aixam 2013-2016 City / Coupe
  11. License plate lighting Aixam
  12. Interior lighting / switch Aixam
  13. Outside mirror right with indicator Aixam Sensation / Emotion
  14. Rear light left Aixam Senation 2016
  15. Daytime running lights front left Aixam Sensation 2016
  16. Outside mirror left with indicator Aixam Sensation / Emotion
  17. Rear light right Aixam Senation 2016
  18. Rear light right rear tailgate Aixam Sensation 2016
  19. Rear light left rear tailgate Aixam Sensation 2016
  20. Aixam 2010-2016 direction indicator ring
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