Comfort and Safety

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  1. Accelerator pedal rubber Aixam
  2. Safety belt set Chatenet CH26
  3. Seat guidance front left Aixam 2010-2016
  4. Seat cover set JDM Abaca
  5. Hat shelf Aixam Sensation Coupe 2016
  6. Parcel shelf JDM Aloes
  7. Hats shelf Aixam 2010 / 2013
  8. Seat belt set Aixam
  9. Ashtray Aixam
  10. Seat cover right Aixam
  11. Rear shelf Chatenet CH26
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Comfort and safety are important parts of your mopedcar. Think of the safety belt, back window shelf and the chair. Without these parts it would be impossible to drive the mopedcar safely.