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  1. Exhaust rubber Aixam / Microcar / Ligier / Chatenet / Grecav / Bellier
  2. Exhaust mounting rubber Aixam 1997-2020
  3. Gasket exhaust manifold Aixam Kubota
  4. Front pipe + flexible Aixam Impulsion / Vision
  5. Exhaust muffler Aixam 2016-2020
  6. Exhaust clamp 32mm
  7. Exhaust mounting rubber Aixam 1997-2016
  8. Exhaust Aixam 2010 / 2013
  9. Exhaust Aixam 2010 / 2013
  10. Exhaust muffler Aixam 2016-2020
  11. Flexible exhaust Aixam Impulsion / Vision / Sensation / Emotion
  12. Front pipe + flexible exhaust Aixam Sensation / Emotion
  13. Flexible exhaust Aixam Impulsion / Vision
  14. Front pipe + flexible Aixam Impulsion / Vision
  15. Chome exhaust dummy Aixam 2013
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The exhaust on your moped car ensures that the noise from the engine is muffled and that your engine performs better by providing the right back pressure. An exhaust consists of a front pipe, flexible pipe and tail pipe. These parts are attached to the mopedcars by means of exhaust rubber mounting and exhaust clamp. An exhaust rusts and wears, which can lead to holes. It is wise to replace the exhaust. Minicar-Parts you can buy both imitation and original exhaust parts from for example Aixam, Ligier and Microcar.