Exhaust manifold

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  1. Front pipe Microcar MGO1 (Yanmar)
  2. Front pipe exhaust Aixam 1997-2004
  3. Front pipe exhaust Microcar MGO2 / M8 (Lombardini DCI)
  4. Front pipe + flexible Aixam Impulsion / Vision
  5. Front pipe exhaust Microcar MC1 / MC2 (Lombardini)
  6. Front pipe exhaust + flexible Chatenet CH26 / CH32 (Yanmar)
  7. Front pipe exhaust Ligier Nova
  8. Front exhaust pipe Ligier / Microcar (Lombardini DCI)
  9. Front pipe + flexible exhaust JDM Albizia / Abaca
  10. Front pipe and flexible JDM Aloës / Roxsy / Xheos
  11. Front pipe exhaust Microcar Virgo
  12. Front pipe exhaust Microcar MC2 (Yanmar)
  13. Front pipe Ligier Nova 2 / X-Too
  14. Front pipe Ligier X-Too / X-Too MAX (Chnr. 10979<)
  15. Front pipe exhaust Ligier / Microcar (Lombardini Progress)
  16. Front pipe exhaust + flexible Chatenet Barooder (Yanmar)
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The head pipe of the exhaust is the first part of the moped car after the manifold. This part of the exhaust often first goes down in a bend to ensure that the exhaust can pass under the mopedcar. After the head pipe follows the flexible parts of the exhaust. Due to all vibrations released from the engine, the head pipe may break. Check this regularly and it is wise to replace a broken head pipe. Don´t forget to order the gasket manifold. At Minicar-Parts you can buy both imitation and original front pipes.