Exhaust flex pipe

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  1. Flexible exhaust Ligier / Microcar / Chatenet
  2. Flexible exhaust Aixam 1997-2010
  3. Flexible exhaust Microcar / Ligier / Chatenet / JDM / Grecav / Bellier
  4. Flexible exhaust Ligier Ambra / Nova
  5. Front pipe + flexible Aixam Impulsion / Vision
  6. Front pipe exhaust + flexible Chatenet CH26 / CH32 (Yanmar)
  7. Front pipe + flexible exhaust JDM Albizia / Abaca
  8. Front pipe and flexible JDM Aloës / Roxsy / Xheos
  9. Flexible exhaust Ligier Ambra / Nova
  10. Flexible exhaust Grecav EKE
  11. Front pipe + flexible Aixam Impulsion / Vision
  12. Flexible exhaust MEGA 1
  13. Flexible exhaust Grecav EKE
  14. Flexible exhaust Chatenet Barooder
  15. Flexible exhaust Aixam Impulsion / Vision
  16. Flexible exhaust Grecav EKE
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The flexible exhaust pipe at the moped car ensures that the vibrations released from the front pipe are damped. The part is subject to wear and must be replaced in time. You will notice this especially if the mopedcar makes much more noise than usual, the flexible exhaust part is then leaking. At Minicar-Parts you can buy both the flexible part in original and imitation quality. Each mopedcar has a flexible part such as Microcar, Ligier and Aixam.