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  1. Light switch + fog light Ligier / Aixam / Microcar / JDM
  2. Odometer sensor Ligier / Microcar BONQ
  3. Temperature sensor radiator Microcar / Ligier
  4. Oil pressure switch Lombardini
  5. Motor central door locking right Microcar / Ligier
  6. Temperature sensor radiator Microcar / Ligier
  7. Central door locking motor left Microcar / Ligier
  8. Temperature sensor M14
  9. Lombardini DCI crankshaft sensor
  10. Receiver remote control transmitter
  11. Speedometer sensor Ligier / Microcar
  12. Temperature sensor water 16 mm Lombardini
  13. Pre-heat relay Lombardini FOCS 502 Progress (7-pole)
  14. Windshield wiper switch Microcar / Ligier
  15. Hand transmitter flipkey Ligier / Microcar
  16. Door switch push button Microcar / Ligier
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The mopecdar has all kinds of electronics that ensure that you can operate all functions. In addition, sensors ensure that processes start or end, by collecting information. They are also known as the artificial sense of the mopedcar.