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  1. Wiring / switch switching lever Aixam 2010-2016
  2. Battery moped car (12V / 45Ah)
  3. Hand transmitter Aixam Sensaton / Emotion / D-Truck
  4. Lock set Aixam Sensation / Emotion
  5. ABS sensor Aixam
  6. Wiper switch Aixam 2016/2020
  7. AC switch Aixam
  8. Fuel valve time relay Aixam
  9. Reversing sensors Aixam
  10. Reversing sensors Aixam Sensation / Emotion
  11. Receiver and parking sensors Aixam
  12. Wiring / switch gear Aixam (Electric Aixam)
  13. Lock set Aixam Sensation / Emotion
  14. Blank key flipkey Aixam
  15. Micro relais Aixam
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The mopecdar has all kinds of electronics that ensure that you can operate all functions. In addition, sensors ensure that processes start or end, by collecting information. They are also known as the artificial sense of the mopedcar.