Ignition lock and door

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  1. Housing remote control + Blank key bit Ligier
  2. Central door locking system Ligier 1409747
  3. Remote control cover central locking Aixam 2010 / 2013
  4. Central door locking right Microcar/Ligier
  5. Central locking motor left (5 wire) Microcar/Ligier
  6. Flipkey Ligier JS50/JS50L without key 2 buttons
  7. Central locking set Aixam 2005-2013
  8. Lock set Aixam 2013 / 2016
  9. Relay central door lock Chatenet CH26
  10. Ignition lock + door locks JDM
  11. Remote control Ligier / Microcar
  12. Blank spanner + 10mm for the flipkey Ligier / Microcar
  13. Window switch Aixam 1997-2004
  14. Window switch Ligier
  15. Receiver remote control transmitter
  16. Handheld transmitter Aixam Sensation flipkey
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There are 2 possibilities to enter the mopedcar: insert the key into the door lock and turn it open or unlock the central lock via the remote control. You can also start the mopedcar by inserting the contact key into the ignition and turning it (start).