Electric circuit

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  1. Potentiometer accelerator Ligier / Microcar / Chatenet
  2. Glow relay Lombardini 502 FOCS (7-Pole)
  3. Pre-heat relay Aixam (6-pole)
  4. Flashing light relay Aixam / Microcar / Ligier / JDM / Chatenet
  5. Accelerator pedal potentiometer Ligier / Microcar / Chatenet
  6. Glow relay Yanmar
  7. Fuel valve Yanmar
  8. Display unit dashboard Aixam 2005-2013
  9. Electric control unit Chatenet CH26 / CH32 (Yanmar)
  10. Electronic box central door locking Chatenet CH26 / CH30 / CH32
  11. Loading coil Lombardini 502 FOCS (30 Ampere)
  12. Rear door wiring Aixam 2016 Sensation Coupe
  13. Battery moped car (12V / 45Ah)
  14. Voltage regulator Lombardini (40 Ampere) Ligier Nova / Grecav EKE
  15. Potentiometer Lombardini 442 DCI Microcar / Ligier / Grecav
  16. Kit module + cable rear wiper motor Microcar / Ligier
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The electric circuit of the mopedcar contains many wiring harnesses, computers, relays and electronic boxes that promote functioning. Think of the flashing light relay, glow relay and the bfi box. Especially in the current generation of microcars there is a lot of electronics that can fail. Faults can lead to major negative consequences and it is therefore sensible to replace these parts. At Minicar-Parts you can buy both imitation and original electric parts from all brands such as Ligier, Aixam and Microcar.