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  1. Drive belt Aixam 3ARP023 AD52-2172-S
  2. Carbon shoe vario gearbox clutch (2nd model)
  3. Drive shaft cover mopedcar
  4. Key gearbox variator
  5. Drive belt 044 ECO Aixam BD52-2172
  6. Weight holder engine variomatic 1st model (1 piece)
  7. Drive shaft cover set mopedcar
  8. Retaining Ring gearbox output shaft Aixam
  9. Weight holder engine variomatic 2nd model (1 piece)
  10. Gearbox gasket Aixam 1997-2016
  11. Wiring / switch switching lever Aixam 2010-2016
  12. Variomatic engine side Aixam 2nd model
  13. Gearbox oil moped car Eurol HPG SAE 80W-90 GL5
  14. Drive belt EPCOUR044 Aixam BD52-2172
  15. Ring bottom variomatic (2nd model)
  16. Nut variomatic engine side
  17. Vario clutch gearbox side IBC Aixam
  18. Drive axle ABS Aixam 2010-2016 3AP518A (610 mm)
  19. Freewheel bearing clutch motor side (suitable)
  20. Ring top variomatic (2nd model)
  21. Motorvario / clutch adjustment ring (1.0 mm)
  22. Variomatic engine side adjustment ring (0.5 mm)
  23. Vario clutch gearbox side Aixam
  24. Lock nut drive shaft (M16x1.5)
  25. Hood variomatic (2nd type of coupling)
  26. Lubricating grease homokinets mopedcar
  27. Drive axle Aixam 2010-2016 3AP518 (620 mm)
  28. Drive shaft mounting strap mopedcar
  29. Ring top variomatic 2nd model engine side
  30. Freewheel bearing clutch motor side
  31. Mounting bolt variomatic gearbox Aixam
  32. Reducer motor vario Aixam (conical)
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