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  1. Radiator Aixam 1997-2013
  2. Rubber support radiator Ligier / Microcar / JDM / Bellier
  3. Radiator Aixam Vision / Sensation / Emotion
  4. Radiator support Aixam Sensation / Emotion
  5. Radiator Ligier / Microcar / JDM
  6. Radiator complete Ligier/ Microcar / JDM / Bellier
  7. Radiator cap Aixam 1997-2015
  8. Radiator cover Aixam Sensation / Emotion
  9. Radiator Microcar / JDM
  10. Rubber ring radiator Aixam Kubota
  11. Rubber radiator Ligier / Microcar
  12. Radiator Chatenet / JDM / Microcar / Bellier (with Yanmar engine)
  13. Radiator Chatenet Media / Barooder (with Lombardini engine)
  14. Radiator Grecav EKE / Sonique
  15. Radiator Casalini / Ligier X-Po (Mitsubishi engine)
  16. Radiator Chatenet Barooder (with Yanmar engine)
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The radiator plays an important role in the cooling system of the mopedcar. This ensures that the coolant (which flows through the cooling system) remains at the right temperature. The coolant captures heat in the engine block and then enters the radiator through pipes. The radiator uses the driving wind to cool the liquid. If the temperature does get too high, the radiator fan will start. At Minicar-Parts you can buy both an original and an imitation radiator. Not replacing the radiator in time can have major consequences for the operation of the engine block of your mopedcar.