Cooling system & Heating

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  1. Radiator Aixam 1997-2013
  2. Heat sensor Aixam Kubota engine
  3. Heater radiator Aixam 1997-2008 / JDM / Chatenet
  4. Radiator Aixam Vision / Sensation / Emotion
  5. Radiator cap Aixam 1997-2015
  6. Hose water pump Aixam Kubota
  7. Water temperature sensor glow system Aixam Kubota 1W070
  8. Lower radiator hose Aixam Kubota
  9. Thermostat Aixam Kubota
  10. Hairpin spring various applications Aixam
  11. Water pump / thermostat line Aixam Kubota
  12. Heater button chrome Aixam 2013-2020 (middle button)
  13. Water pump Aixam Kubota Z402 (1st model)
  14. Radiator hose top Aixam Kubota
  15. Heating fan button Aixam 2010 / 2013 (black/chrome)
  16. Heater button Aixam 2010-2016 (black)
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The engine cooling system is an important element of the mopedcar. It ensures that the combustion engine does not get too hot. The main elements of the system are the radiator, thermostat and the water pump. The system consists of a circuit through which coolant flows. The captured heat from the engine can be used to warm up the mopedcars heater. If parts of the cooling system are broken, this can have major (negative) consequences for the engine. Therefore, always ensure that defective parts are replaced in time. At Minicar-Parts you can buy both original and imitation parts of the cooling system.