Ball joint

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  1. Ball joint Aixam / Grecav
  2. Ball joint Microcar / Ligier
  3. Steering ball / ball joint cover
  4. Ball joint Chatenet / Casalini
  5. Ball joint Bellier / JDM
  6. Ball joint Ligier
  7. Ball joint JDM
  8. Ball joint Chatenet / Bellier / Casalini
  9. Ball joint Ligier
  10. Ball joint Casalini M12 / M14
  11. Ball joint Chatenet CH26
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The rubber suspension ensure that the wishbone of the moepdcar has clearance in relation to the sub-frame. Without these rubbers, the triangle would not be able to move properly. The rubbers are constantly under pressure and wear out as a result. Torn or damaged wishbone rubbers cause the moped to deteriorate and should be replaced. At Minicar-Parts you can buy both imitation and original suspension arm rubbers from all brands such as Aixam, Ligier and Microcar.