Steering ball joint

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  1. Steering ball joint Aixam 1997-2016
  2. Steering ball joint Ligier / Microcar (12 mm)
  3. Inner steering ball joint Aixam 2010-2016 (210mm)
  4. Steering ball joint Microcar / Ligier / Grecav / JDM / Chatenet / Bellier (14 mm)
  5. Inner steering ball joint Microcar / Aixam / Chatenet / Ligier
  6. Steering ball / ball joint cover
  7. Inner steering ball joint Microcar MC1 / MC2
  8. Steering ball right Casalini YDEA / M10 (23,5 cm)
  9. Steering ball left Casalini YDEA / M10 (15,5cm)
  10. Steering ball joint Chatenet / Bellier (14 mm)
  11. Inner steering ball joint Aixam 1997-2004 / JDM (250mm)
  12. Steering ball Casalini YDEA (for 2004) 11,5 cm
  13. Steering ball left Casalini M10 / M12 (25cm)
  14. Steering ball right Casalini M10 / M12 (16cm)
  15. Steering ball left Casalini M14 (28cm)
  16. Steering ball joint JDM Titane / Albizia / Abaca / Aloës
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For a mopedcar, the steering ball joint is the connection between the steering house and the steering knuckle. The ball joint allows the steering knuckle to move freely with respect to the steering house attached to the sub-chassis. A steering ball joint can close if the rubber sleeve is torn, causing dirt and moisture to enter the joint. The consequence of this is play on the steering ball joint and it is wise to replace it. Minicar-Parts supplies original steering ball joints, for example from Aixam, Microcar or Ligier, as well as imitation steering ball joints.