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Shock absorbers

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  1. Shock absorber front Aixam 1997-2010
  2. Shock absorber rear Aixam 2010-2016
  3. Shock absorber rear Aixam 1997-2010
  4. Shock absorber front Aixam 2010-2020
  5. Rear shockabsorber rear Microcar / Ligier
  6. Shock absorber rear Ligier JS50
  7. Schock absorber rear Ligier
  8. Shock absorber front Microcar MGO 1
  9. Schokbreker achterzijde Microcar M8
  10. Shock absorber rear JDM Abaca / Mountain
  11. Shock absorber front Ligier JS50 / Microcar MGO 3/4
  12. Rear shock absorber Microcar MGO1 / MGO2
  13. Shock absorber rear Aixam 2010-2020
  14. Shock absorber front side Bellier JADE
  15. Shock absorber rear Bellier Jade
  16. Shock absorber front JDM Albizia / Abaca
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The shock absorber is a part of the suspension of the mopedcar and have both a spring and damping effect. The shock absorber goes in and out countless times and as a result the valves in the part wear out. You notice this when the moped is no longer stable on the road. It is therefore recommended to replace the shock absorber in a timely manner and in pairs. Minicar-Parts supplies both original and imitation shock absorbers of all brands such as Aixam, Microcar and Ligier.