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  1. Front wheel bearing moped car (6333 imitation)
  2. Rear wheel bearing 6005
  3. Engine support rubber Aixam / Bellier (Soft)
  4. Steering house cover moped car
  5. Shock absorber front Aixam 2010-2020
  6. Steering ball joint Aixam
  7. Gearbox bearing / Rear wheel bearing Aixam (6305 SKF)
  8. Support arm rubber Aixam / Grecav
  9. Gearbox support rubber Aixam
  10. Spring steering knuckle
  11. Subframe chassis Aixam Sensation / Emotion / Ambition
  12. Clamp bracket headlight Aixam left
  13. Clamp bracket headlight Aixam right
  14. Bumper support Aixam 2016 Sensation
  15. Rear wheel bearing 6005 SKF
  16. Tie rod subframe Aixam Vision / Sensation / Emotion
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The chassis is the base of the mopedcar. It consists of (mostly) steel frame parts such as the rear axle, triangle, suspension arm and the subframe. These frame parts are only replaced when major damage has occurred. In addition, important parts are mounted on the chassis such as the shock absorber, wheel bearing, ball joint, steering ball joint and the engine mount. These can wear and should be checked regularly. Minicar-Parts supplies original chassis parts from Aixam, Microcar and Ligier as well as imitation chassis parts.