Rear axle

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  1. Rear axle Chatenet CH26
  2. Rear axle Microcar MGO 1
  3. Rear axle Chatenet CH26
  4. Rear axle suspension JDM Aloës / Xheos
  5. Rear axle Microcar MC1 / MC2
  6. Seal ring rear axle Microcar MC1 / MC2
  7. Rear axle Microcar MC1 / MC2
  8. Rear axle Chatenet Barooder
  9. Rear axle Microcar Virgo
  10. Axial Chatenet CH26
  11. Rear axle Chatenet Barooder
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The rear axle is the rear part of the mopedcar frame. It is a sturdy, steel part that serves as a frame and can therefore have a lot. However, it may be that the rear axle will eventually rust (moisture) and wear out as a result. Repair or replacement of the part is then a prerequisite to avoid worse.