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  1. Subframe chassis Aixam Impulsion / Vision
  2. Subframe chassis Aixam Sensation / Emotion / Ambition
  3. Crossbar subframe Microcar / Ligier
  4. Tie rod subframe Aixam Vision / Sensation / Emotion
  5. Support hood lock Microcar / Ligier
  6. Subframe chassis Ligier / Microcar
  7. Tie rod chassis Aixam Impulsion
  8. Tie rod subframe Aixam Vision / Sensation / Emotion
  9. Subframe chassis Aixam 2005-2010
  10. Subframe chassis Microcar MC2 (with Yanmar engine)
  11. Subframe chassis Aixam 400 / 500.4
  12. Tie rod chassis Aixam Impulsion
  13. Subframe chassis Aixam MEGA 2
  14. Subframe chassis JDM Aloës / Roxsy
  15. Subframe chassis Microcar MGO / M8 / Ligier JSRC
  16. Bumper support Microcar MC2 (with Yanmar engine)
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The subframe is a steel chassis on the front of the mopedcar. It is a strong part that is also called sub-chassis. In a mopedcar, the frame sits around the engine block and important parts such as the supporting arm, shock absorber and parts of the steering are mounted on it. A subframe can rust over time, causing damage and requiring replacement. At Minicar-Parts you can buy both original and imitation subframes from all brands such as Chatenet, Aixam, Ligier and Microcar.