Mounting and Overhaul

In the brake caliper and brake drum of the moped car are all kinds of parts that you can replace separately. We call this overhaul. Think of the dowel pins, dowel sleeves, claw shaped retainer and the dust caps. It is also possible to order complete overhaul sets and brake sets.

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  1. Adjusting pen brake caliper (1 piece)
  2. Clamp brake pads Microcar / Ligier
  3. Mounting bolt wheel hub / brake disc Aixam
  4. Guide bush brake caliper Aixam / Chatenet (1 piece)
  5. Spring brake drum (59 mm)
  6. Spring brake drum (90 mm)
  7. Dust caps caliper rear Ligier / Microcar
  8. Dust caps caliper front Microcar / Ligier
  9. Wheel bolt Aixam
  10. Eurol Brake Cleaner 500ML
  11. Stud wheel hub / brake drum M10x1,5
  12. Gasket brake cylinder / piston-wide dust cover
  13. Spring right hand brake lever brake drum
  14. Spring left hand brake lever brake drum
  15. Dust cover rubber guide bush Ligier / Microcar
  16. Mounting bolt (M10x16)
  17. Dust ring brake caliper piston front Microcar / Ligier
  18. ABS ring brake drum Aixam 2010-2016
  19. Repair set brake cylinder / piston caliper Aixam
  20. Dust cover rubber caliper rear Ligier
  21. Cotter pin Ligier rear caliper
  22. Mounting plate caliper Microcar / JDM (Ø 210mm brake disc)
  23. Brake set front Aixam 1997-2010 / Chatenet Stella Media
  24. ABS sensor Aixam 2010-2016
  25. Dust -piston rear brake caliper Ligier
  26. Seal piston caliper rear Ligier / Microcar
  27. Mounting bolt (M6x16)
  28. Guide bush brake caliper (each)
  29. Dowel pins set of brake pads rear Ligier
  30. Front brake caliper guide pin set Microcar / Ligier
  31. Chuck brake caliper Microcar / JDM (172 mm disc)
  32. Pin caliper rear Ligier (1 piece)
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