Brake Drums

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  1. Wheel brake cylinder brake drum
  2. Brake drum Aixam
  3. Brake shoes set brake drum
  4. Sealing ring (10mm)
  5. Brake drum Aixam Sensation / Emotion
  6. Wheel brake cylinder rear left Aixam Sensation / Emotion
  7. Wheel brake cylinder rear right Aixam Sensation / Emotion
  8. Brake shoes set brake drum Aixam Sensation / Emotion
  9. ABS ring brake drum Aixam
  10. Brake druml Bellier / JDM / Grecav
  11. Brake drum Chatenet CH26 / CH30 / CH32 (GIMMEC)
  12. Banjo bolt 10x125 wheel brake cylinder
  13. Brake drum Aixam
  14. Brake drum Microcar / JDM / Bellier / Chatenet
  15. Brake drum Aixam Sensation / Emotion
  16. Brake drum Chatenet / JDM / Ligier
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The brake drum is a brake system that is used with many brands of mopedcars at the rear of the vehicle. When you press the brake pedal, the brake shoe is pressed outwards by the wheel brake cylinders against the inside of the brake drum. This creates friction that reduces the speed. Brake drums wear out and must be replaced in time. You can recognize this by rust on the brake surface or an oval shape of the drum. Minicar-Parts supplies original drum parts, such as Microcar, Ligier and Aixam, as well as imitation.