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  1. Tailgate damper Ligier IXO
  2. Tailgate / bonnet cable Aixam 1997-2004
  3. Ball head gas spring Aixam 1997-2010
  4. Tailgate damper Ligier JS50 / JS50L
  5. Tailgate damper Aixam 2005-2010
  6. Tailgate damper Ligier Nova / Ambra
  7. Tailgate damper Microcar MC1 / MC2
  8. Valve tailgate Aixam
  9. Tailgate cable Aixam Crossline 2005-2008
  10. Tailgate damper Ligier IXO
  11. Tailgate damper Microcar MGO1 / MGO2
  12. Tailgate damper JDM Albizia / Abaca
  13. Ball head gas spring Microcar MGO3 / MGO4
  14. Tailgate damper Aixam Impulsion / Vision
  15. Tailgate lock JDM / Microcar / Chatenet / Ligier
  16. Tailgate damper Aixam City Sensation / Emotion
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The tailgate is the rear door on a moepdcar. With tailgate hinges, the tail hangs from the mopedcars chassis and it is supported with 2 tailgate dampers. The tailgate is equipped with a rear window, emblem and often type indication of the mopedcar. A broken tailgate due to a collision, for example, must be repaired or replaced.