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  1. Door handle inside Ligier / Microcar
  2. Rubber pads door handle Aixam
  3. Door handle inside Ligier / Microcar NOT ORIGINAL
  4. Rubber door handle Ligier JS50/JS50L
  5. Cable door opener Microcar / Ligier
  6. Corner cover door left rear Ligier / Microcar
  7. Door handle outside Ligier JS50/JS50L/ JS60
  8. Corner piece right door handle Aixam (chrome)
  9. Door handle inside Aixam (Chrome)
  10. Exterior door handle Aixam (chrome)
  11. Corners door seal right Aixam 2010-2013
  12. Door seal corners left Aixam 2010-2013
  13. Door handle interior right Ligier JS50/JS50L
  14. Inside door handle left Aixam
  15. Door handle outside left Microcar MGO / M8
  16. Cover cap door right Aixam 2016 Sensation
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The door ensures that you can get in and out of the mopedcar. The door hangs from the chassis with door hinges and can be opened with the door lock and door handle. The body part is finished on the inside and outside with a door plate. The door catcher ensures that the door is not disrupted in, for example, a strong wind storm.