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  1. Bonnet hinge right Aixam 2016
  2. Bonnet hinge left Aixam 2016
  3. Support hood lock Microcar / Ligier
  4. Bonnet cable Aixam 2005-2016
  5. Rubber stop Aixam bonnet Aixam 2008-2016
  6. Bonnet hinge left Aixam 2013/2016
  7. Bonnet hinge right Aixam 2013/2016
  8. Bonnet support clip Ligier / Microcar
  9. Bonnet hinge front left Aixam 2010-2013
  10. Bonnet Aixam Gamme Vision 2013
  11. Bonnet Aixam 2010-2013
  12. Bonnet hinge front right Aixam 2010-2013
  13. Interior panel bonnet Aixam 2016 Sensation
  14. Hood hinge left Aixam 1997-210
  15. Bonnet support Chatenet CH26 / CH32
  16. Bonnet complete Aixam Emotion (not original / not in color)
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The engine bonnet of the mopedcar ensures that the engine compartment is covered from above. The hood can be unlocked via the inside of the mopedcar with the inside bonnet release, after which you can open the bonnet lock and raise the engine bonnet. It is possible that the bonnet is damaged by a collision, repair or replacement is then obvious. At Minicar-Parts you can buy both imitation and an original engine bonnets from, for example, the brand Aixam, Ligier or Microcar.