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Body parts

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  1. Mounting plastic pop rivet Ligier / Microcar
  2. Mounting pressure Aixam
  3. Door handle black Aixam
  4. Door handle part left black Aixam 2010-2016
  5. Bumper mounting (black) Aixam 1997-2013
  6. Washer
  7. Rubber door handle Ligier JS50/JS50L
  8. Retaining clip
  9. Front bumper sticker Aixam
  10. Angle piece right door handle black Aixam 2010-2016
  11. Door handle inside Ligier / Microcar
  12. Rubber pads door handle Aixam
  13. Cable door opener Microcar / Ligier
  14. 45 KM Sticker moped car (Ø 11cm)
  15. Angle door handle right Chrome Aixam 2010-2016
  16. Cable lock mechanism Aixam
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