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  1. Fuel filter Aixam Aixam Kubota Z402 / Z482
  2. Front wheel bearing moped car (6333 imitation)
  3. Rear brake pads set Microcar / Ligier
  4. Brake disc front Microcar / Ligier 1008471 (Ø 220 mm)
  5. Air filter Lombardini / Yanmar
  6. Brake pads set front Microcar / Ligier
  7. Head bolt Lombardini 502 Progress / FOCS
  8. Drive shaft cover mopedcar
  9. Oilfilter Lombardini 502 Progress
  10. Oil filter Lombardini 442 / 492 / 480 DCI
  11. Glow plug Aixam Kubota Z402 / Z482 engine
  12. Ball joint Aixam / Grecav
  13. Ball joint Microcar / Ligier
  14. Rear wheel bearing 6005
  15. Wheel brake cylinder brake drum
  16. Fuel filter Lombardini 442 / 492 DCI
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Are you looking for moped car parts? Then you've come to the right place at Minicar-Parts. For more than 25 years we have been the largest provider and specialist in moped car parts with an online webshop and a large warehouse / physical store in Hoevelaken. We are an independent Dutch party and supply parts from the brands Aixam, Microcar, Ligier, Chatenet, JDM, Casalini, Grecav and Bellier. In addition to the range of original parts, we also offer alternative parts that are suitable.