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Oil filters

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  1. Oil filter Lombardini DCI
  2. Oil filter Aixam Kubota
  3. Oilfilter Lombardini 502 Progress
  4. Oil filter Aixam Kubota
  5. Oil filter Lombardini DCI
  6. Oil filter Lombardini 502 Focs / Progress
  7. Oilfilter Lombardini 502 Focs / Progress
  8. Oil filter Yanmar / Mitsubishi
  9. Oil filter Lombardini DCI
  10. Oil filter Yanmar / Mitsubishi
  11. Oil filter pliers with chain
  12. Oil collection container moped car 6 liters
  13. Plastic funnel Kit 50-125 mm
  14. Plastic funnel with spout
  15. Oil absorption granules
  16. Oil filter Yanmar / Mitsubishi
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The oil filter in the mopedcar is part of the lubrication system and ensures that the engine oil is cleaned. Minicar-Parts has original oil filters from the brands Yanmar, Lombardini, Kubota and Mitsubishi and imitation oil filters from the top brand HIFI. All microcar brands such as Aixam, Microcar and Ligier have an oil filter.