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  1. Air filter Lombardini / Yanmar
  2. Air filter Kubota Aixam Z482
  3. Air filter Aixam Kubota
  4. Air filter Kubota Z482 Aixam Sensation 2016
  5. Air filter Lombardini / Yanmar
  6. Air filter Lombardini 502 Progress
  7. Air filter Aixam Kubota
  8. Air filter Yanmar
  9. Air filter Casalini Mitsubishi
  10. Air filter Casalini Mitsubishi 2014
  11. Air filter Bellier Jade (2nd model)
  12. Air filter Lombardini 502 Progress
  13. Airfilter Bellier Jade (3 model)
  14. Airfilter Canta Honda
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The air filter in the moped car provides a filtering function of the air that is drawn into the combustion engine so that it is not damaged. Keep the air filter clean and replace it regularly. All brands such as Aixam, Microcar and Ligier have an air filter. Minicar-Parts has both original Lombardini, Kubota and Yanmar and imitation air filters from the top brand HIFI in stock.