Side fenders

The fenders are an important part of the bodywork on a mopedcar. Between the front and rear bumper of the mopedcar is the front fender, rear fender and wheel arch also called wheel housing. Because the bumpers are fixed to the fenders, they often break during a collision. Replacing or repairing the rear or front fender is therefore a logical consequence. Minicar-Parts supplies both original screens of all brands such as Aixam, Ligier and Microcar as imitation.

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  1. Front fender left Aixam Gamme Vision 2013 (Unpainted)
  2. Front fender left Ligier IXO
  3. Front fender right Aixam 2016 Sensation
  4. Front fender right Aixam Gamme Vision 2013
  5. Front fender right Ligier IXO
  6. Front fender left Aixam 400 / 400 Evo
  7. Front fender right Aixam 2008-2010
  8. Front fender left Aixam 2016 Sensation
  9. Front fender left Aixam 2010-2013 (unpainted)
  10. Front screen left Aixam Emotion
  11. Front screen right Aixam Emotion
  12. Front fender right Microcar MGO1 / MGO2
  13. Front fender right Aixam 2005-2008
  14. Front fender left Aixam 2008-2010
  15. Skirt front fender right Aixam 2008 City Sport / Scouty
  16. Skirt front fender left Aixam 2008 City Sport / Scouty
  17. Front fender right Ligier JS60 NOT ORIGINAL
  18. Front fender left Ligier JS60 NOT ORIGINAL
  19. Front fender right Aixam 400 / 400 Evo
  20. Front fender right Aixam 2010-2013 (unpainted)
  21. Front fender left Aixam 400
  22. Front fender left Grecav EKE
  23. Front fender right Ligier JS50/JS50L
  24. Front fender left Microcar MGO1 / MGO2
  25. Front fender right Chatenet CH26
  26. Front fender left Ligier JS50/JS50L
  27. Front fender left Chatenet CH26 v2
  28. Front fender right Microcar Due 2 / MGO 3
  29. Skirt rear fender left Aixam 2008 City Sport / Scouty
  30. Wheel cover right Aixam D-Truck
  31. Front fender right Aixam 2016 Sensation (Steel gray)
  32. Front fender left Aixam 2005-2008
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