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Chatenet parts can be ordered easily and quickly at Minicar-Parts. We supply both original Chatenet parts and parts that are suitable for the Chatenet microcar. So whether you have a broken bumper or need to replace another part of the microcar: you can buy them at Minicar-Parts. Is the part you are looking for not in our webshop? Please contact our customer service.
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  1. Air filter Lombardini / Yanmar
  2. Oil filter Lombardini DCI
  3. Carbon shoe vario gearbox clutch (2nd model)
  4. Oilfilter Lombardini 502 Progress
  5. Brake pads set front moped car
  6. Spring weight coupling motor side
  7. Steering house cover moped car
  8. Drive belt EPCOUR 041 BD52-2177
  9. Adjusting pen brake caliper (1 piece)
  10. Brake drum cylinder moped car (1 piece)
  11. Drive belt 040 Eco BD52-2167
  12. Drive belt 041 Eco BD52-2177
  13. Bearing 6005 imitation
  14. Drive shaft cover mopedcar
  15. Head bolt Lombardini 502 Progress
  16. Oil filter Lombardini DCI
  17. Key gearbox variator
  18. Oil filter Yanmar / Mitsubishi
  19. Weight holder engine variomatic 1st model (1 piece)
  20. Vario clutch gearbox side
  21. Exhaust nut M8 Lombardini
  22. Front wheel bearing moped car (6333 imitation)
  23. Brake shoes set brake drum
  24. Guide bush brake caliper Aixam / Chatenet (1 piece)
  25. Fuel filter Lombardini 502 Progress
  26. Rear wheel bearing 6005 SKF
  27. Wheel nut light alloy wheel M10x1,5
  28. Oil filter Lombardini 502 progress
  29. V-belt Aixam Kubota / Yanmar (10x825 mm)
  30. Light switch / fog light Ligier / Aixam / Microcar / JDM
  31. Rubber engine Ligier / JDM / Chatenet / Microcar
  32. Fuel filter Lombardini 502 Progress
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