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  1. Drive shaft cover mopedcar
  2. Fuel filter Lombardini 442 / 492 DCI
  3. Head bolt Lombardini 502 Progress / FOCS
  4. Brake pads set front moped car
  5. Glow plug Lombardini 492 DCI engine
  6. Steering house cover moped car
  7. Brake caliper left rear Microcar / Ligier
  8. Drive belt EPCOUR 041 BD52-2177
  9. Brake pad set rear Ligier / Microcar / Chatenet
  10. Fuel filter Lombardini 502 FOCS / Progress
  11. Carbon shoe vario gearbox clutch (2nd model)
  12. Brake caliper right rear Microcar / Ligier
  13. Exhaust rubber Aixam / Microcar / Ligier / Chatenet / Grecav / Bellier
  14. Pop rivet
  15. Engine oil moped car BONQ 10W40 (1 liter)
  16. Vario coupling spacer on engine side
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We know the French brand Ligier not only from the microcar industry, but was a Formula 1 team until 1996. The sporty lines can still be found in the Ligier models. Are you looking for original Ligier parts or parts that are suitable for a Ligier, then you can buy them at Minicar-Parts. And if you can't find your Ligier part, please feel free to contact our customer service.