Drive shaft Aixam (without ABS)

Dimensions (2nd image):

• Length A: 610 mm
• Length B: 69 mm

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Product description

Front left / Front right:

• Aixam Ambition
• Aixam Emotion
• Aixam Sensation
• Aixam Vision
• Aixam Impulsion
• Aixam D-Truck
• Minauto

Before you order:

To be sure that you order the right drive shaft, it is advisable (if possible) to measure the complete shaft. In practice, it is possible that your moped has a different drive shaft size than specified in theory.

All parts of the drive shaft, such as the drive shaft cover and the CV joints, can also be ordered separately. Some products are highlighted in the related products.

Model / Chassis number

  • Aixam City Ambition (VLGVV53AF)
  • Aixam Coupe Ambition (VLGVV51AF)
  • Aixam Crossline Ambition (VLGVV52AF)
  • Aixam Crossover Ambition (VLGVV52CF)
  • Aixam City Emotion (VLGUV53DF)
  • Aixam Coupe Emotion (VLGUV51DF)
  • Aixam Crossline Emotion (VLGUV52DF)
  • Aixam Crossover Emotion (VLGUV52EF)
  • Aixam City Sensation (VLGUV53AF)
  • Aixam Coupe Sensation (VLGUV51AF)
  • Aixam Crossline Sensation (VLGUV52AF)
  • Aixam Minauto Sensation (VLGUV53BF)
  • Aixam Minauto Cross (VLGUS52BF)
  • Aixam Minauto Cross (VLGUV52BF)
  • Aixam Crossover Sensation (VLGUV52CF)
  • Aixam Crossover Vision (VLGSV45RF)
  • Aixam Coupe Vision (VLGSV41RF)
  • Aixam Coupe Vision (VLGSVA1RF)
  • Aixam City Vision (VLGSV43RF)
  • Aixam City Vision (VLGSVA3RF)
  • Aixam Crossline Vision (VLGSV42SF)
  • Aixam City 2010-2013 (VLGSV43AF)
  • Aixam Crossline 2010-2013 (VLGSV42AF)
  • Aixam GTO 2010-2013 (VLGSV43AF)
  • Aixam Crossover 2010-2013 (VLGSV45AF)
  • Aixam Coupe 2010-2013 (VLGSV41AF)
  • Aixam MINAUTO V1 (VLGSV43BF)
  • Aixam MINAUTO 2015 (VLGSV43CF)
  • Aixam MINAUTO Cross 2015 (VLGSV42CF)
  • Aixam D-Truck (VLGTV490FM)
  • Aixam D-Truck 2018 (VLGTV580F)


Product specifications
Product number17.620
EAN code6097724648674
BrandAixam, Minauto
Product brandBonq
Product typeNot original
Cross reference3AP518
Mounting sideFront left, Front right
Thread sizeM16x1.50