Aixam Crossline

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  1. Drive shaft cover mopedcar
  2. Front wheel bearing moped car (6333 imitation)
  3. Fuel filter Aixam Aixam Kubota Z402 / Z482
  4. Steering house cover moped car
  5. Rear wheel bearing 6005
  6. Ball joint Aixam / Grecav
  7. Weight holder engine variomatic 2nd model (1 piece)
  8. Gearbox output shaft circlip
  9. Engine support rubber Aixam / Bellier (Soft)
  10. Brake pads set front moped car
  11. Wheel brake cylinder brake drum
  12. Brake pad set front Aixam / Chatenet / JDM / Bellier
  13. Glow plug Aixam Kubota Z402 / Z482 engine
  14. Carbon shoe vario gearbox clutch (2nd model)
  15. Weight holder motor coupling vario (1st model)
  16. Drive belt 044 ECO Aixam BD52-2172
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Aixam Crossline is the tough model of this 45km vehicle series. The Crossline mopedcar is mainly characterized by its robust and powerful appearance. The typical character of the front bumper is an important part of this. It is not without reason that the Crossline is a recurring model mopedcar from 2005.