Aixam Coupe

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  1. Front brake caliper right Aixam Impulsion / Vision / Sensation / Emotion
  2. Drive belt 044 ECO Aixam BD52-2172
  3. V-belt Aixam Kubota / Yanmar (10x825 mm)
  4. Corner piece left door handle Aixam (black)
  5. Front brake caliper left Aixam Impulsion / Vision / Sensation / Emotion
  6. Oil filter Aixam Kubota
  7. Installation of plastic pop rivet Aixam
  8. Air filter Kubota Aixam Z482
  9. Oil filter Aixam Kubota
  10. Support arm rubber Aixam / Grecav
  11. Spring left handbrake lever brake drum
  12. Drive shaft mounting strap mopedcar
  13. Spring right handbrake lever brake drum
  14. Sealing ring (10mm)
  15. Vario clutch gearbox side Aixam
  16. Vario clutch engine side Aixam 1st model
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Aixam Coupé is a sporty and sleek model of the Aixam moped car. From 2010 this version has been re-released in various model changes in the Vision (2013), Sensation (2016) and Emotion (2020) series. The bumpers of the Coupé are also available in Sport GTI versions and can be ordered!