Drive belt Aixam 3ARP023 AD52-2172-S

Drive belt 3ARP023 is an original CV-tech drive belt suitable for various Aixam models.

• Brand: CV Tech AD52-2172-S
• OEM Aixam: 3ARP023
• Outer belt length: 862 mm
• Warranty: 1 year

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Moped cars are driven by the variomatic transmission system with belt drive. The drive belt is part of this. The system works by means of a belt. This belt runs over two varios / pulleys / clutches, one on the primary side (driven by the engine, engine vario) and one on the secondary side (driving the wheels, gearbox vario). The drive belt or belt will eventually wear out due to use. Therefore, regularly check that the belt is not worn out. With a lot of wear, the belt needs to be replaced.
Product specifications
AixamPro D-Truck, Coupe 2016-2019, Crossover 2016-2019, Crossline 2016-2019, City 2016-2019, Coupe 2013-2016, Crossover 2013-2016, Crossline 2013-2016, City 2013-2016, GTO 2010-2013, Coupe 2010-2013, Crossover 2010-2013, Crossline 2010-2013, City 2010-2013
Material typeOriginal