Brake pad set front Aixam / Chatenet / JDM / Bellier

• With E-mark
• Including mounting clamps
• 4 brake pads for 2 wheels

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Product description

This brake pad set can be used for various moped car models of the Aixam, Bellier, Casalini, Chatenet and JDM.

Brake pads are an important part of the braking system in the moped car. Brake pads ensure that you can stop gradually but on time. When braking the moped car, the brake pads press against the brake discs of the moped car. This brings the moped car to a halt.

The blocks wear down a bit with each braking action. Over time, depending on the braking behavior, the blocks wear such that they must be replaced. This is normal. With the sporty moped car driver, the blocks are more worn than average. With average driving behavior, the brake pads have a lower average life.

Model / Chassis number

  • Aixam City Emotion (VLGUV53DF)
  • Aixam Coupe Emotion (VLGUV51DF)
  • Aixam Crossline Emotion (VLGUV52DF)
  • Aixam Crossover Emotion (VLGUV52EF)
  • Aixam City Sensation (VLGUV53AF)
  • Aixam Coupe Sensation (VLGUV51AF)
  • Aixam Crossline Sensation (VLGUV52AF)
  • Aixam Minauto Sensation (VLGUV53BF)
  • Aixam Minauto Cross (VLGUS52BF)
  • Aixam Minauto Cross (VLGUV52BF)
  • Aixam Crossover Sensation (VLGUV52CF)
  • Aixam Crossover Vision (VLGSV45RF)
  • Aixam Coupe Vision (VLGSV41RF)
  • Aixam Coupe Vision (VLGSVA1RF)
  • Aixam City Vision (VLGSV43RF)
  • Aixam City Vision (VLGSVA3RF)
  • Aixam Crossline Vision (VLGSV42SF)
  • Aixam City 2010-2013 (VLGSV43AF)
  • Aixam Crossline 2010-2013 (VLGSV42AF)
  • Aixam GTO 2010-2013 (VLGSV43AF)
  • Aixam Crossover 2010-2013 (VLGSV45AF)
  • Aixam Coupe 2010-2013 (VLGSV41AF)
  • Aixam MINAUTO V1 (VLGSV43BF)
  • Aixam MINAUTO 2015 (VLGSV43CF)
  • Aixam MINAUTO Cross 2015 (VLGSV42CF)
  • Aixam D-Truck (VLGTV490FM)
  • Aixam D-Truck 2018 (VLGTV580F)
  • Chatenet CH26 Yanmar 2TNE68 (VMSCH261)
  • Chatenet CH26 Lomardini DCI (VMSCH263)
  • Chatenet CH30 (VMSCH30)
  • Chatenet CH32 Yanmar 2TNE68 (VMSCH262)
  • Chatenet CH40 (VMSCH40)
  • Chatenet CH46 (VMSCH40)
  • Bellier Jade Yanmar (VF9BWEN)
  • Bellier B8 Lombardini DCI (VF9B52L50A)
  • Bellier B8 Yanmar (VF9B52R50A)
  • JDM Aloes Lombardini DCI (VGP10L2DB)
  • JDM Aloes Yanmar 2TNE68 (VGP10Y2DB)
  • JDM Roxsy Yanmar 2TNE68 (VGP10Y2DR)
  • JDM Roxsy Lombardini DCI (VGP10)
  • JDM Xheos Yanmar 2TNE68 (VGP11Y2DB)


Product specifications
Product number6AR065IMI
EAN code6097700962954
BrandAixam, Chatenet, Bellier, JDM, Minauto
Product brandBonq
Product typeNot original
Cross reference6AR065, 0117360
Mounting sideFront