Aixam City

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  1. Mounting plastic pop rivet Ligier / Microcar / Aixam
  2. Oil filter Aixam Kubota
  3. Rear wheel bearing 6005
  4. Ball joint Aixam / Grecav
  5. Fuel filter Aixam Aixam Kubota Z402 / Z482
  6. Weight holder engine variomatic 2nd model (1 piece)
  7. Engine support rubber Aixam / Bellier (Soft)
  8. Wheel brake cylinder brake drum
  9. Weight holder motor coupling vario (1st model)
  10. Brake disc Aixam Impulsion / Vision / Sensation / Emotion / front (Ø 220 mm)
  11. Carbon shoe vario gearbox clutch (2nd model)
  12. Glow plug Aixam Kubota Z402 / Z482 engine
  13. Drive shaft cover mopedcar
  14. Brake pad set front Aixam / Chatenet / JDM / Bellier
  15. Pop rivet
  16. Steering house cover moped car
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Aixam City is a compact model of the Aixam moped car family. From 2008 this 45km car has been re-released in various model changes and has since become a classic and characteristic vehicle from Aixam. In addition, the moped cars of the City model can also be distinguished in the Pack, EVO, Premium and GTO versions.