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  1. Front wheel bearing moped car (6333 imitation)
  2. Drive shaft cover mopedcar
  3. Steering house cover moped car
  4. Fuel filter Aixam Aixam Kubota Z402 / Z482
  5. Rear wheel bearing 6005
  6. Weight holder engine variomatic 2nd model (1 piece)
  7. Ball joint Aixam / Grecav
  8. Brake pads set front moped car
  9. Gearbox output shaft circlip
  10. Engine support rubber Aixam / Bellier (Soft)
  11. Wheel brake cylinder brake drum
  12. Weight holder motor coupling vario (1st model)
  13. Brake pad set front Aixam / Chatenet / JDM / Bellier
  14. Glow plug Aixam Kubota Z402 / Z482 engine
  15. Fuel filter Aixam Kubota Z402 / Z482
  16. Drive belt 044 ECO Aixam BD52-2172
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Aixam has been a well-known brand of moped car since 1983. Since then, Aixam has released various models such as the Aixam Crossline, Crossover, 741 and 400 and are usually equipped with a Kubota Z402 or Z482 diesel engine. We supply original Aixam parts as well as parts that are suitable. In addition, you can also buy parts for MEGA multitruck, Pro D-Truck and MINAUTO from us. So do you want to replace filters, a bumper or another part? You can order Aixam parts quickly and easily in the webshop of Minicar-Parts!